Sponsor a child

The Sufi Saint-School gives preferential admission to children from very poor families (monthly family income: 30-40 euros), who otherwise would have little chance of a decent life.

These children receive scholarships from “Godfathers” and “Godmothers” (from our own organization, or from a Sufi-Saint-School support group in Italy). The scholarship includes school fees, school uniforms, teaching materials, as well as a contribution to the expenses of the school.
That way a Sponsorship allows a sponsor (Godfather or Godmother) to help both a child from a very poor family and the school with only 5 Euros a month, or 60 Euros a year. Sponsors receive a sponsorship certificate with the photo of the child and are informed about his or her development in the school. You will also have the option to contact your sponsored child by letter.

The sponsorships are awarded in early July, at the beginning of the new school year.

Since the expenses for teacher salaries constitute only a very small part of the sponsorship contributions, we are grateful to the sponsors for any additional donations to help finance the teachers.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a child.