Assembly hall project

- So that the school can grow on its own ...

We - the Friends of the Sufi Saint-School Association (Förderverein Sufi-Saint-School e.V.) - aim to provide financing for the building of an assembly hall.
Primarily, this is required by the school for school meals, meetings and performances which are sheltered from the scorching heat and monsoon rains.
Additionally however, the hall will provide a separate source of income through rental to outside organisations for cultural events, concerts, weddings etc. (and in Ajmer there is a great need for such a venue). Thus the hall will help the school move forward to financial independence and having more resources available to improve the quality of teaching and extend their programs.

1 = 2

Each euro donated will be doubled by match funding.

Several companies have kindly agreed to make a matching fund contribution to help the assembly hall project: for every Euro donated, these companies will donate another Euro.

Thanks to donations already collected, the first phase of construction could be started in October 2012.