School Program

The school begins every morning with music and the song “Morning prayer of all religions“ from Inam Hassan.

The children like this song very much – it has a beautiful melody and describes in visual and poetic language the ideals of universal equality, brotherhood and a good future for all people. After this the children go to their classrooms and the lessons begin.

There are three kindergarten- or pre-school classes at the Sufi Saint School, and then grades 1 – 10. The students then take a state exam, which more than 90% of the students pass, many with distinction, and which opens the door to many professional possibilities.
The school follows the official state curriculum, however it also promotes holistic learning and creativity, offering workshops in the fields of theater, dance, music, art and the handicrafts, in which students prepare for shows and thematic exhibitions held monthly. During these workshops the students deal with controversial themes and values, and can discover unsuspected talents and strengthen their self-confidence.

The school fee is deliberately kept very low (about 15, - Euro per year, discounts possible), as it is important for Inam and Amina Hassan that the school is not a financial burden for the parents. Otherwise many of them would prefer to keep their children at home for working. Students from very poor families get preferential admission and are offered funded scholarships from sponsors. Currently, around 60% of students receive this financial support.
Since 80% of children are undernourished, a fund has been established to enable the school to provide occasional meals.

Photo: morning prayers of all religions