From the GuestBook

The Sufi Saint School hosts many international visitors, Friends of the School, and Inam and Amina Hassan have an open house for guests.

Here are a few quotations from the Guestbook:

"The school looks very efficient, properly organized, nicely arranged family atmosphere, peaceful and beautiful surroundings. What a perfect place for children to learn not only subjects but a way of living."
Haseena, Italy

"It´s an honor to be in such a beautiful school which is founded on love and respect for all mankind."
Aya Ben Tzur, Israel

"The school is progressing day by day. The students are happy, well mannered. I appreciate the efforts of teaching the poor children".
Ljlal Hussain Siddiqui, London

"A tree is growing here with spreading branches of shining leaves. The fruit it bears is sweet and nourishing. As this fruit is spread throughout Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, Asia and the Earth it carries the seed for a growing forest of such trees."
Khadim Whitney, U.S.A.