Ajmer has around 600,000 inhabitants and is located in central Rajasthan, approximately 7 hours by train from Delhi.

Ajmer is especially important due to the large and beautiful Dargah (tomb) of Muinuddin Chishti (* 1141 in Sistan (Persia), † 1230 in Ajmer), a great Sufi. The Dargah was built by the Mughal kings.

The Sufis are attributed as the mystics of Islam, but they are to be found in every religion. Mystics transcend the boundaries of dogma, teaching their religion through their own experience of God. For the mystic, there is only one God, albeit different ways of experiencing God, determined by the particular cultural and religious background.

Ajmer is visited by millions of pilgrims of every religion from all over India. The blessing and peace that emanates from Muinuddin Chishti (and other Sufi saints), is alive for all people, beyond ethnicity, nation and religion.

Photo: View of the Dargah