projects at a glance

The Sufi Saint School relies on donations in order that the current school operation can be maintained and grow little by little.

We, the Friends of Sufi Saint-School (Förderverein Sufi-Saint-School e.V.), forward 100%. of all donations to the school. Even small amounts can go a long way. You can support the Sufi Saint School in the following ways:

Sponsor a child: Provide a child with 60,- Euro scholarship for an entire school year and accompany the child on his/her way.

Sponsorship a teacher: Give small or large proportions to help finance a qualified teacher.

School catering: You can help ensure that rumbling stomachs are not an obstacle to learning.

World Peace Day: Support this highlight of the school year, with far-reaching implications both internally and externally.

Assembly hall project: You can help to realize the vision of a largely self-supporting school. We will double your donation through our Matching Fund - Initiative.

Become a sponsor or a member: Strengthen our volunteer work by becoming a sponsor or member of the promotional Sufi Saint-School Association (Förderverein Sufi-Saint-School e.V.).