Account / Donations

We are delighted if you wish to support the Sufi Saint-School and / or the Friends of Sufi Saint-School Association (Förderverein Sufi-Saint-School e.V.) financially.
We ensure that 100% of all donations for the Sufi Saint School reach the school and are used very carefully and and conscientiously for the wellbeing of the students.

  1. Our bank account is:
    Förderverein Sufi-Saint-School e.V.
    BIC GENODEM1GLS, IBAN DE09 4306 0967 4026 6794 00

    Kto.-Nr.: 4026679400, BLZ: 43060967, GLS Bank

  2. Please fill out the online donation form and send it off.
  3. Set up regular monthly donations or a standing order or transfer one-off donations to our Association account.

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