About us

Nelly Hagen: I studied Applied Linguistics, German and Political Science, and worked as a foreign language teacher for intercultural exchange programs and for the integration of foreigners in Germany. Currently, I devote myself to being a mother of the two young children in our family.
During a trip to India in 2003, I visited the Sufi Saint-School and saw the encouraging work of Inam and Amina Hasan and was deeply moved.
On return to Germany I co-founded, with Brunhild Berger, firstly informal support for the school and then the Friends of the Sufi Saint-School Association (Förderverein Sufi-Saint-School e.V.).
It is a great experience for me to see how much we can accomplish with our work for the Sufi Saint-School. I feel very connected to Inam and Amina Hassan, and fully admire their courageous selflessness, which comes from deep inner commitment

Brunhild Berger: I studied sociology (graduate), psychology and musicology. The focus of my work is in adult education, corporal and respiratory therapy, as well as in cultural work with children and young people.
For almost 30 years I have explored the dimensions of the human spirit through meditation, the study of religions, and in the path of the Sufi’s. I give seminars on meditation and work with people as a spiritual companion.
I have maintained a close friendship with Sufi Saint School for many years. I am happy to be involved with joint work for the benefit of our human family and for the building of bridges between East and West.

Manuela Baker, Christine Dietrich, Dietmar Hagen, Angelika Kessen, Christian Pfeiffer, Birgit Reichl, Annelie Stamer, Brigitte Werner, Ute Nagel, Ulrike Dreekmann, Karin Wilhelm, Helmut Gabel, Leith Adjina.