Vision of the future

Inam Hassan's future vision is to organize the school such that it is mostly financially independent and only partly dependent on donations.

Inam and Amina Hassan devote almost all their time to the development of the school - entirely voluntarily – and, if it is not otherwise possible, they provide from their own financial resources to support the school. The costs of their own and family living are met from the produce of some fields and plantations in the countryside which they own.
But it is not easy to lead and develop a school which is totally dependent on donations for financing. And so, Inam Hassan has developed the vision of a school that is more and more able to stand on its own feet.

The first major milestone of this vision is the construction of an assembly hall. On the one hand this will meet a real need of the school and students, and on the other it provides an opportunity to generate an independent source of income: it can be rented for events, performances and weddings etc. and in Ajmer there is a great need for such a venue. Thanks to our "1 = 2 support initiative" the construction of the hall could begin in October 2012 (more information see projects / assembly hall).

Another vision of the future is to raise the quality of the school so far as to make it attractive to students from affluent families. These could then pay reasonable fees and help finance the school places for poor students.
Moreover, in the future, the school also aims to offer vocational training and to add a secondary school (grades 10-12).